2016 Dinner Dance Group Photo- Edit

The pipers and drummers who make up the Shannon Rovers come from all walks of life – teachers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, and many more.  But no matter what we do in our day jobs – our love of Irish music unites us at practice and when we perform.

Current Band Roster

Band Manager Marty McAndrew Pipe Major Dan Shevlin
Drum Major Tim LeFevour Drum Sergeant Billy McTighe
Treasurer Laura Fiskow Quartermaster Tim Murphy
Secretary Katie Lenihan


Noreen Boyle                     Bill Brehm                           Jim Brunner

Chuck Buzek                      Tommy Carden                  Matt Carey

Pat Carr                               Meagan Conery                 Bob Cooney

John Corcoran                    Brian Costello                    Sean Costello

Greg Daly                            Jim Doran                            Pat Driscoll Sr.

Dick Dwyer                        Megan Fastabend               Mike Field

Tim Finnegan                    Tom Finnegan                    Jane Garlic

Laura Fiskow                     Vicky Foss                           Brian Giblin

Geri Gill                               Terri Gillerlain                  Jack Grennan

Joe Heinrich                        Katie Iannitelli                  Alexis LeFevour

Tim LeFevour                      Peg Macias                        Pat Magner

Erin Manning                     Kathleen Marcell               Marita Maude

Marty McAndrew               Dan McNeill                       Bill McTighe

Kate McTighe                      John Murphy                      Liam Murphy

Kevin Nallon                       Jerry Napleton                    Sean O’Brien

Robby O’Connor                 Mary Kate Peterson           Karen Pulia

Dan Shevlin



Megan Ahern                     Emmitt Brown                   John Cleary

Erin Gangichiodo              Conor Kelly                         Deaglan McAndrew

Mike Moore



* S= Snare, B= Bass/Tenor

Danny Boyle (B)                Tom Conway (S)               Pat Doran (B)

John Doyle Jr (S)                John Doyle Sr (B)              Pat Driscoll Jr (B)

Brian Foss (S)                     Else Kelly (S)                      Katie Lenihan (S)

Marty Maude (B)               Tom McKenna (S)             Tom McNeill (S)

Billy McTighe (S)               Mike Morley (S)                 Sheila Murphy (S)

Tim Murphy (S)                 Gerry Rohrer (S)                Eddie Ryan (S)

Joe Shevlin (S)                   Meghan Steinman (S)       Dan Sullivan (B)



 John Burns (S)                 Debbie Capocci (T/B)       Gabe Clancy (B)

Ryan Fischer (S)               John Kelly (S)                   Brendan McLaughlin (S/B)

Clare Murphy (S)             Brendan Murray (B)       Pat Van De Walle (B)



Phil Fiskow                          Pat Leyden                         Jim Murphy

Casey O’Brien                      Bill Olker                            Tom Russell

Pat Sullivan                         Timothy Fitzgibbon (Student)

Ryan Jennings (Honorary)