The Shannon Rovers play anywhere and everywhere. Most weekends, you might hear us at a wedding, corporate party, fundraiser, or some other private event.

However, some of our events, especially around St. Patrick’s Day, are for the public.

If you see us out and about, please hashtag #ShannonRovers with any photos or video’s!

Here, you’ll find a list of our upcoming public performances.

All time are Apx.

Friday 3/11

6:00pm Lizzie McNeill’s

7:00pm Emmett’s

Saturday 3/12

10:00am River Dying

12:00 Downtown Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade

12:30pm Elephant and Castle (Adams St)
1:00pm Elephant and Castle (Wabash)

1:00pm Dom’s Kitchen

10:00am & 1:00pm Hyatt Regency
1:00pm Gibson’s on Rush, Hugo’s Frog Bar, Luxbar
1:00pm Gibson’s Italia
1:00pm Gibson’s Ralph Lauren
1:00pm Gibson’s Quartino
2:00pm Lizzie McNeil’s

1:30pm Theater on the Lake

2:00pm Irish Nobleman

2:30pm O’Neil’s on Wells
3:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s (Chicago)

3:00 Hard Rock

3:00pm Emmett’s

4:00pm Theater on the Lake
4:30pm Palmer Place LaGrange

4:30pm Brehon’s

4:00pm Irish American Heritage Center

4:30pm Fred’s Garage

5:30pm Stadium Club at the Max

5:30 O’Neils on Wells

5:30pm Wolfhound

6:00pm Dugan’s (on Halsted in Greektown)
6:00pm Hyatt Regency
6:15pm Timothy O’Toole’s (Chicago)

6:00pm Gibsons/Hugos/Lux

6:00pm Gibson’s Italia
6:00pm Gibson’s RL

6:15pm Timothy O’Toole’s Gurnee

7:00pm Gibson’s Quartino

7:00pm Underpass

7:00pm Fox’s Oaklawn

7:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s Lake Villa

8:00pm Fox’s Beverly

8:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s (Chicago & Libertyville

9:00pm Emmetts

Sunday 3/13:
12:00pm South Side Chicago Parade

1:30 Edison Park Inn

2:00pm Theater on the Lake

2:00pm Fox’s Mokena

3:00pm Stadium Club at the Max

3:00pm Irish Nobleman

3:00pm Tavern on the Point

4:00pm Palmer Place (LaGrange)
4:30pm Fox’s (Orland Park)

6:30pm Fox’s Oak Lawn

7:00pm Fox’s Beverly

Thursday: 3/17
12:00pm Palmer Place (LaGrange)

12:00pm Gibson’s Italia

1:00pm Gibsons/Hugos Frog bar/ Lux

1:00 Ralph Lauren

2:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s

3:00pm Stadium Club at the Max
4:00pm Elephant & Castle (Adams)
4:30pm Elephant & Castle (Wabash)

4:00pm Fox’s Orland Park

5:00pm Fox’s Mokena

5:00pm Grandpa’s Place (Glenview)

5:30pm Fred’s Garage (Winnetka)

5:30pm Emmett’s

5:00pm Irish Nobleman

6:00pm Irish American Heritage Center

6:00pm House 406 (Northbrook)

6:00pm Gibsons Italia/Ralph Lauren/Quartino

6:15pm Irish American Heritage Center
6:00pm Palmer Place (LaGrange)
7:00pm Theater on the Lake
7:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s (Gurnee)

7:00pm Fox’s Oaklawn

7:00pm Gibson’s / Hugos/ Lux

7:30pm Square Celt (Orland Park)

8:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s (Lake Villa)

8:00pm Fox’s Beverly

8:00pm Ralph Lauren/ Quartinos

8:00pm Theater on the Lake

8:00pm Franklins Public (Palos Heights)

9:00pm Timothy O’Toole’s (Chicago and Libertyville)

10:00pm Emmett’s